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PERpose Soil & Plant Oxygen Enhancer

PERpose Soil & Plant Oxygen Enhancer

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PERposeā„¢ Soil and Plant Oxygen EnhancerĀ is a specially formulated hydrogen peroxide (or hydrogen dioxide) based product.Ā  It is a clear, odorless liquid that increases oxygenĀ levels in soil, reducing problems associated with anaerobic conditions and helps to stimulate and maintain healthy root development. When PERpose contacts the soil a chemical reaction causes vast amounts of oxygen to be released. This oxygen helps to loosen compacted soil. With more oxygen present in the root zone nutrient uptake increases, resulting in maintaining healthy root systems and increased vigor. Because plants have more available oxygen they will be more resistant to drought. PERpose is formulated to provide safer, biodegradable, and more sustainable soil enhancement without harming the environment, plants, animals and people. PERpose has been engineered to include a patented, proprietary blend of stabilizers (verified by the EPA) and buffers to counteract phytotoxicity and extend shelf life. In addition to a non-phytotoxic formulation, PERpose intentionally does not contain peracetic acid, which can cause injury to plant tissue and flower bracts with continued use.

PERpose Benefits

ā€¢ Enhances oxygen levels in the soil to stimulate biological growth
ā€¢ helps to stimulate and maintain healthy root development
ā€¢ Reduces problems associated with anaerobic condition
ā€¢ Loosens compacted soil
ā€¢ Formulated to provide a safer, biodegradable, and sustainable product that is not harmful to the environment, plants, animals and people
ā€¢ Engineered with a patented, proprietary blend of stabilizers and buffers to counteract phytotoxicity and extend shelf life
ā€¢ Soil treatment prior to inoculation with beneficial microorganisms
ā€¢ Does not contain peracetic acid which can cause injury to plant tissue with continued use

PERpose General Treatment Instructions

Use PERpose at a dilution of 1:100 or 1 fl. oz. PERpose per gallon of clean water.

Application Notes
ā€¢ It is advisable to test a small sample of PERpose on plants prior to treating large numbers, as not all plant species have been tested
ā€¢ It is not advisable to apply PERpose in dry, extremely hot conditions
ā€¢ PERpose concentrate must not be combined or mixed with any other pesticide or fertilizer
ā€¢ A diluted solution of PERpose may be used in combination with most soluble fertilizers, although a compatibility test should be completed prior to mixing a final batch

PERpose Ingredients

Hydrogen Peroxide/Hydrogen Dioxide - 33%.

PERpose Available Sizes & Coverage

  • 5 Gallon (Covers 3 Acres).
  • 15 Gallon (Covers 9 Acres).

Organic Approach Label, Info & Application Instructions

Organic Approach Label, Info & Application Instructions


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