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Fertilizers & Amendments

Soil health is vital to what you grow or treat, and organic... 

Grub & Beetle Control

Suing silver-bullet biological products, the scientists at Green Earth Ag & Turf... 

Disease Control

From silver-bullet biologicals to other natural and organic ingredients, the scientists at... 

  • 5 Star Review

    Joe has been a vital resource and partner in growing my organic business.
    I look forward to many more productive years.

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  • 5 Star Review

    Joe and the team at Green Earth Ag and Turf are responsive, expert, earnest, helpful, generous, flexible, quick and effective partners for environmentally sound lawn and garden land care supplies including but not limited to, fertilizers, amendments, weed killers, pest control, ice melt and innoculants! MowGreen LLC has grown by double digits for almost a decade with the help of G E A & T.

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  • 5 Star Review

    Green Earth provides absolutely over-the-top, fast, fantastic customer service. I have seen this several times with answering questions about products before sale, and once with resolving a problem with a product after purchase (the problem was really the manufacturer's fault, but Joe at Green Earth facilitated a rapid and generous solution to the problem. Very fair, honest, and fast communication. Could not recommend them more.

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