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Our Journey

Ten years ago, we could never in our wildest dreams have expected to be running a national organic product supply company and expanding at such a fast pace!

Shortly after the the market crash of 2008, Green Earth Ag & Turf co-founder Joe Magazzi was laid off from the biotech industry with his first child on the way within a month!  Joe decided to change what was a very successful career as a researcher and started Green Earth Ag & Turf. With a biology degree and years of experience as a scientist, Joe took his microbiology knowledge and understanding of the value of probiotics for our health and adapted the practice of using live, organic materials (such as those found in Quantum Growth and Microbe Life) for boosting the efficacy of fertilizers and improving the overall health of plants, trees and turfs instead of humans!

Over the years, Green Earth Ag & Turf greatly expanded their organic offerings to include products to enhance all aspects of plant, tree and turf care and to naturally solve problems related to pest such as grubs and beetles, diseases and for general healthier soil and growth!  With a relentless drive to find the top organic products and better solutions, Green Earth quickly became the national leader in wholesale organics.

Homeowners and professionals alike now have access to the top organic products we have selected based upon years of scientific research, product vetting, and customer feedback. We invite you to explore these safe, easy and proven organic solutions by selecting the menus on your left or going to, our easy-to-use retail site.  Enjoy the fruits of our 10+ years of research as we change the organic world!

We Care About Our Customers
and Work for Their Success!

Joe Magazzi
President, Founder and Owner
Green Earth Ag & Turf

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