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Nutrite EC+ Enhanced Calcium with HUmoxy

Nutrite EC+ Enhanced Calcium with HUmoxy

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Nutrite EC+ Enhanced Calcium with HUmoxy pH Control (Same as Solu-Cal) is a novel pH control product used to adjust soil pH that requires only 1/4 the amount of recommended rates as standard lime products!!!

Soil pH is a major factor in nutrient availability, microbial activity, soil structure and overall turf vigor. Maintaining the correct soil pH allows for the most efficient use of applied and soil stored nutrients. Nutrite's family of calcium and sulfur products allow turf managers to quickly and efficiently address soil chemistry problems. Nutrite Enhanced Calcium quickly raises soil pH at 1‚ĀĄ4 the application rate of traditional liming material. Many products are available in both our micro/greens grades and standard coarse grades. All Nutrite pH Control products are Powered by Activated Humic Acid Technology, which has been shown to increase nutrient uptake.

Nutrite applications can adjust soil pH in only 6-8 weeks, and with 1/4 the amount needed to do so save money, labor costs and time!

Nutrite EC+ Enhanced Calcium Nutrient Booster Benefits

  • Requires 1/4 the amount of calcium as other lime products,
  • Nutrite dramatically reduces manpower and transport costs.
  • Nutrite EC+ raises Soil pH in weeks rather than months as compared to pelletized lime.
  • Contains Humic Acid to help calcium remain in soil for an extended period.
  • The only university tested and time proven enhanced pelletized calcium product on the market.
  • Nutrite Lime EC+ is a pelletized calcium carbonite that uses proprietary humic acid and fulvic acids to enhance a plant‚Äôs ability to convert both applied and stored calcium into an¬† immediately available form for plant uptake and soil pH adjustment.

Nutrite EC+ Enhanced Calcium Nutrient Booster Application Instructions

  • Maintenance Rate: Apply at 5 lb. to 6 lb. per 1000 sq. ft. (220 lb. to 265 lb. per acre).
  • Corrective Rate: Apply at 10 to 12.5 lb. per 1000 sq.ft. (440 to 550 lb. per acre).

Application Notes: 

  • Apply to dry turf and water in.
  • Granules should be swept off of porous surfaces like tennis courts, concrete and black top.

Nutrite EC+ Enhanced Calcium Nutrient Booster Ingredients & Analysis

Nutrite EC+ is Derived from Calcitic Limestone.

Also Contains Non-Plant Food Ingredients:

  • Humic Acid from Plant Extracts (Nutrient Complexing Agent) .... 2%
  • Lignin Sulfonate (Water Soluble Binder) ............................................... 8%

Guaranteed Analysis:

  • Calcium (Ca) .................................................. 36%
  • Magnesium (Mg) .......................................... 0.3%
  • Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3) ................... 95.0%
  • Magnesium Carbonate (MgCO3) ........... 0.9%
  • Calcium Carbonate Equivalent (CCE) .... 91%
  • Effective Neutralizing Value (ENV) ......... 88.27%

Nutrite EC+ Enhanced Calcium Nutrient Booster Available Sizes

  • 50 lb. Bags (Covers 10,000 sq. ft. for maintenance, 5,000 sq. ft. for pH correction).
  • Available as pallets of 40x 50 lb. bags (1 ton or 2,000 lb.).
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