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Xynyth Eco-Friendly and Pet-Friendly Ice-Melters

XYNYTH Eco-Friendly Pet Friendly Ice Melters

Eco-Friendly & Pet-Friendly Ice Melts from Xynyth: Green Earth Ag & Turf is proud to continue our partnership with XYNYTH Manufacturing Corp. to bring you the safest and most effective ice melts on the market. XYNYTH Manufacturing Corp. has been a leader in the ice melt manufacturing industry for more than two decades, offering a line of high-quality ice melts and is renown among its customers for its excellent, effective products. At Green Earth Ag & Turf, we believe in the power of choice – and it’s important to give you environmentally-safe options that won’t be harmful to people, pets, the environment or to your wallet. Our technical expertise and great wholesale pricing allow you to combine the best of all these worlds--get the best, eco-friendly products with the best pricing.

Why Eco-Friendly Ice Melts?

Many Ice Melt products containing dangerous chemicals that pollute waterways, inevitably entering and polluting drinking water supplies. They harm aquatic life and animals that feed on aquatic life, and they harm plant life – damaging the soil structure as well as the foliage itself. They also damage concrete, and once tracked indoors damage flooring leading to high maintenance costs. Complicating matters, many brands’ claims are confusing and misleading. More often than not newer ice melters are simply blends of traditional, more common ice melters. Here are some of the benefits of our eco-friendly ice melters:


• Safe on Lawns and Plants. Some products actually contain the same ingredients as standard fertilizers!
• Safe for Pets, will not burn paws or be harmful if ingested.
• Harmless to handle.
• Powerful to very low temperatures.
• None of the messy residue or tracking you get with Magnesium Chloride & Calcium Chloride, or standard Rock Salt products.
• Safe on concrete and wood when used properly and per label.*
• Anti-Corrosive formulations.
• LEED Compliant products are available.

*Note: Ice melter should not be applied to unsealed concrete brick, exposed aggregate or precast steps and should not be used on concrete less than 12 months old.

Safe for People & Pets, Plants, Trees & Turf

Most pet owners are very concerned about their pets and treat them like “one of the family”. Your choice of ice melts has a huge impact on your pet's safety and comfort. Your pet has no choice but to walk through the ice melts you use after application.  Inferior ice melts can burn your pet's paws, eyes, and nose. Many pet owners do not realize that some deicers can be quite harmful to animals - that is why GroundWorks Natural ice melter is the choice for concerned pet owners.  GroundWorks is made from natural potash and is potassium-based. The contents used in GroundWorks and Mountain Organic are widely used in foods and fertilizers - we come in contact with it daily. Instead of burning plants, tress and turf like rock salts, GroundWorks actually feeds them. Most importantly, unlike traditional ice melts (such as calcium chloride or magnesium chloride) GroundWorks and Mountain Organic will not burn pets' eyes, noses or irritate their tummies.

Won't Damage Your Plants, Trees or Lawn

Standard Rock Salt (which is made of sodium chloride) as well as magnesium chloride and calcium chloride, can cause plant, tree and turf "salt burn." GroundWorks is made with natural potassium, an essential fertilizer for plants, trees and turf. Instead of burning, this product is actually a nutrient source for the living things in your yard. The ECO Green product contains an anti-corrosive that reduces any potential salt burn. Using winter products that are effective and friendlier on your plants, trees and turf will save you time and money in the spring on replacement or treatment costs.

The Safest Products to Minimize Damage to Concrete*, Wood and Stone

Winter can bring many weather-related problems; ice and its removal are among the most damaging and potentially dangerous. Unfortunately, fixing your ice dilemma only to face another problem when spring arrives; damaged concrete. According to the American Concrete Institute (ACI), the leading United States concrete authority, there are several chemicals which are used in ice melter formulas that actually attack concrete and are best avoided; these include Calcium Sulfate, Magnesium Sulfate and Magnesium Chloride.  Freeze damage by water is a major cause of concrete damage.  When ice melts more water becomes available to infiltrate concrete and re-freeze.  The best way to reduce the damage caused by the freeze/thaw cycle is to use GroundWorks and Mountain Organic, ice melters that will keep melted ice in a liquid state for a longer period of time. Calcium chloride tends to re-freeze more quickly compared to ice melter containing potassium. By using our potassium-based  GroundWorks or Mountain Organic, you extend the time available for more melted ice (water) to drain off or evaporate from your concrete, resulting in less damage to the concrete.

To Read More About Ice Melts and Concrete Damage Click Here

*Note: Ice melter should not be applied to unsealed concrete brick, exposed aggregate or precast steps and should not be used on concrete less than 12 months old.

Eco-Friendly & Pet-Friendly Ice Melt Product Comparison

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GroundWorks™ & Mountain Organic™ Natural Ice Melters (-9°F)

GroundWorks & Mountain Organic Ec-Friendly Pet-Friendly Ice MeltsOur Core Product: GroundWorks Natural Ice Melter is a premium product with the same potassium-based ingredient as common organic lawn fertilizers.  GroundWorks is designed specifically to melt ice and snow effectively, while being eco-friendly, pet safe, and easy to use.  Made with potassium, a fertilizer and food-based ingredient, this product won't burn pets' paws or your lawn, such as happens with common rock salts.

• Powerful to -9°F (-23°C).
• Safest on Lawns and Plants - Contains Fertilizer-Based Ingredients!
• Safest for Pets!
• No Messy Residue or Tracking.
• Safe on Concrete.*

*Note: Ice melter should not be applied to unsealed concrete brick, exposed aggregate or precast steps and should not be used on concrete less than 12 months old.

Arctic ECO Green® Ice Melter (-20°F)

Arctic ECO Green Eco-Friendly Ice MeltsArctic ECO Green Ice Melter is a powerful ice melter specially manufactured using the latest encapsulating technology, combined with an anti-corrosive formula with CMA. It provides an environmentally-friendly alternative to standard rock salts and calcium chloride blends.

• Fast Acting and Powerful to -20°F (-29°C).
• Harmless Around Children and Pets!
• Gentle on the Environment.
• Anti-Corrosive Formulation.
• Safer on Concrete.*

*Note: Ice melter should not be applied to unsealed concrete brick, exposed aggregate or precast steps and should not be used on concrete less than 12 months old.

Winter Warrior Enviro LEADer - LEED Compliant (-6°F)

Winter Warrior Environ LEADer for LEED Comliant BuildingsWinter Warrior Enviro LEADer Icemelter ™ is the Superior ECO De-icer, designed specifically to be used around all Green Buildings and Properties where there are environmental or corrosion concerns. Specially designed for LEED Compliant Buildings.

• Fast Acting and Powerful to -6°F (-21°C).
• For use around Green Buildings that are LEED Compliant.
• Gentle on the Environment.
• Non-Corrosive Formulation.
• Safe on Concrete.

Winter Warrior™ Runway Control (-6°F)

WInter Warrior Runway Control Ice-Melters No ChlorineWinter Warrior Runway Control Ice Melt is a novel and very unique chloride and urea free formulation that is eco-friendly, biodegradable, non-corrosive de-icer, for use in highly sensitive areas, such as airports or delicate commercial institutions. This safe to handle product is effective to -6°F (-21°C), results in no tracking, and is safe for plants and soil structure.

• Fast Acting and Powerful to -6°F (-21°C).
• Great for airport runways and sensitive commercial areas.
• Chloride and Urea Free.
• No tracking.
• Safe for plants and soil health.

Arctic™ Blue Ice Melter (+5°F)

Arctic Blue IceMelterArctic Blue Ice Melter helps control ice and snow dependably, economically and safely. A basic blue ice melter that is economical and effective on snow and ice, while being very easy to use.

• Unique Blue Color for Accurate Application.
• Instant Traction.
• Unlimited Shelf Life.
• Leaves No Oily Residue.
• Fewer Applications Required.

Arctic™ Orange Ice Melter (-15°F)

Arctic Orange IcemelterArctic Orange Ice Melter is a powerful calcium chloride blend that melts ice fast. Heat is generated upon contact, making it an effective ice melter even in the harshest winter conditions.

• Fast Acting and Powerful to -24°F (-31°C).
• Better Performance.
• Very Cost Effective.
• Generates HEAT on Contact.
• Fewer Applications Required.

True North™ Ice Melter (+5°F)

True North IceMelterTrue North™ Ice Melter is a basic chloride blend containing no dangerous chemicals. This product contains no magnesium chloride so it will not chemically harm concrete.*

• Powerful and Economical.
• Contains no Dangerous Chemicals.
• Easy to Use.
• No Oily Residue.
• Instant Traction.
• Long Lasting Action.

*Note: Ice melter should not be applied to unsealed concrete brick, exposed aggregate or precast steps and should not be used on concrete less than 12 months old.

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