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Tick/Mosquito Control

Mosquito Barrier


Garlic Mosquito Barrier

Mosquito Barrier is developed to help repel harmful pests such as mosquitoes and ticks while not killing beneficial insects such as honey bees.

Mosquito Barrier is a very strong liquid garlic made from very potent garlic cloves.In fact, the garlic used in Mosquito Barrier is a very powerful variety which is much more potent than the garlic found in grocery stores. Garlic has a natural sulfur which repels insects, including mosquitoes, ticks and fleas. Spraying garlic to keep insects away is not something new, farmers and gardeners have been doing it for many generations. Garlic Barrier imparts no garlic taste on any crops or plants that are sprayed. The odor of garlic in the air or on the plant disappears in about 20 minutes.

Mosquito Barrier is all natural and environmentally friendly, can be used on all turfs, flowers, trees, and shrubs and is safe for all pets, animals and children.

General Treatment Directions

Add 3 ounces of Mosquito Barrier per gallon of water. For Hose End Sprayers, add 12 ounces of Mosquito Barrier and 20 ounces of water.  Spray with setting between 4 and 6.


99.3% Garlic Juice

Available Sizes (Crushed Crab Shells)

• 1 Quart (Covers 1.25 Acres)
• 1 Gallon (Covers 5 Acres)

The Science

• Toxic effect of garlic extracts on the eggs of Aedes aegypti (Yellow Fever Mosquito): a scanning electron microscopic study. 
• Evaluation of repellent and anti-feeding effect of garlic oil (Allium sativum) against the bite of phlebotomine sandflies Diptera: Psychodidae.

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