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Beetle / Grub Control


Effective Natural Biological Grub Control
Target the Pest, Not the Rest

Exempt from CT EPA Restrictions on K-8 and Municipal Parks!
3 Year Shelf Life with no special storage requirements (no refrigeration).

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Grub Gone

grubGONE!® is the first Bacillus thuringiensis galleriae (Btg) bio-insecticide to control turf grubs at a level of efficacy equivalent to chemical standards but without the side effects or off-target damage to beneficial insects, such as pollinators. With grubGONE!, entire landscapes can be economically, effectively and safely protected from destructive beetle pests such as Japanese, Asiatic, June and Oriental Beetles, and European, Cupreous, Southern and Northern Masked Chafers. Unlike other biological or chemical grub-control products that are only effective against smaller 1st-instar pests, grubGONE! is an effective control of the larger, later 2nd- and 3rd-instar beetles, and can therefore be used as a curative treatment for grub control as well as a preventative treatment.

grubGONE! if effective against a wide host of scarab beetle grubs (white grubs) and is less
toxic than synthetic grub products for people , plants, animals and the environment.
Grubs will not develop resistance to this natural biological control.

Grub Gone

grubGONE! Benefits

• Novel & natural Bacillus thuringiensis galleriae (Btg) strain.
• Much broader range of control: Japanese, Oriental, June and Asiatic beetles; Chafers, Weevils & Emerald Ash Borers.
• Works on 1st to 3rd instar stages!
• Novel beetle activity on adults & grubs.
• Novel Btg turf granule & foliar formula for multiple markets.
• Is effective in cooler temperatures than other biologicals.
• Novel production platform technology.
• 3 Year Shelf Life with no special storage requirements (no refrigeration needed)!

Grub Gone

Labeled for the Following Pests (White Grubs or Beetle Larvae):

• Japanese beetle (Popillia japonica)
• Oriental beetle (Anomala orientalis)
• Asiatic garden beetle (Maladera castanea)
• European chafer (Rhizotroqus majalis)
• Green June beetle (Cotinis nitida)
• May or June beetle (Phyllophaga sp.)
• Northern masked chafer (Cyclocephala borealis)
• Southern masked chafer (Cyclocephala lurida)

What is the Difference Between grubGONE! and Milky Spore?

Grub Gone

grubGONE! is a living product, the natural bacterium Bacillus thuringiensis galleriae, as well as an isolated protein derived from the bacterium. It works through the ingestion of the bacterium and the protein, and is not Grub Gonedependent on the bacterium reproducing. Therefore, it is stable for years and is effective at any temperature range in which grubs are feeding. Milky Spore is only a living bacterium, Paenibacillus popilliae. Milky Spore must grow and reproduce in order to be effective, and therefore has a limited temperature range in which it works. In soils in the northeastern United States and some other parts of the country, the Milky Spore bacteria do no survive in the soil for extended periods, contrary to claims otherwise (see references below). In addition, Milky Spore is only effective against Japanese Beetle grubs - grubGONE! has much broader spectrum control against white grubs including not only Japanese Beetle grubs but also Asian and Oriental Beetle grubs as well as many chafers (such as the European) and many borers. You get a more complete protection with grubGONE! Even better, grubGONE! is also effective against adult beetles as well as all stages of grubs (1st through 3rd instar stages) - Milky Spore is not. At Green Earth Ag & Turf, we only sell the best proven products that will be effective for our customers and professional clients.  We do not, and never have, sold Milky Spore due to the lack of efficacy as stated by university studies:

• University of Connecticut: "Milky Spore has not been very successful in controlling white grubs."

• University of Vermont: "Milky Spore...(has had) relatively poor or inconsistent results in the field."

• Cornell University: Does Milky Spore Work? "The overall effect of Milky Disease is as a population suppressant, not as a direct control."

• Reasons You Should Not Be Using Milky Spore.

When do I apply grubGONE! and beetleGONE!

Exact application timing will depend on your location and climate. The chart below provides general guidelines for when to apply grubGONE! and beetleGONE! in most milder climates of the United States:

Grub Gone and Beetle Gone

Application Instructions for grubGONE!

Apply 2 lbs. (32 oz.) of grubGONE! per 1,000 Grub Gone sq. ft. of turf grass or ornamental plants (equivalent to 87 lbs. of grubGONE!, or about 2x of 40 lbs. bags  per acre).
*As an alternative when a wettable powder is needed, beetleGONE! (which contains the exact same Btg active ingredient) at a rate of 0.25 lbs. per 1,000 square feet (in 1 to 2 ounces or 1/2 a cup per gallon of water).

Sites of Application: Phyllom grubGONE! can be used for applications to landscape and recreational turf grasses found in, on and/or adjacent to golf courses (e.g., greens, tees, collars, roughs, and fairways), residential lawns, commercial grounds (e.g., office and shopping complexes and airports), parks, schools, playgrounds, athletic fields, day care facilities, pet care facilities, cemeteries, sod farms, and other turf grass-covered areas. grubGONE! G is not phytotoxic and can be used on all turf grass and ornamental plant species.

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Shelf Life

3 Year Shelf Life with no special storage requirements (no refrigeration needed)!

Active Ingredient

Bacillus thuringiensis galleriae, Strain SDS-502.

Available Sizes

• 10 lb. bags (Covers 4,500 square feet).
• 40 lb. bags (Covers 20,000 square feet).
• Pallets of 50x 40lb. bags (Covers 23 acres). Pallet discounts apply.


• New Grub Control Product May Be a Game Changer.

• Connecticut Gardener Magazine: Connecticut Ag Station State Entomologist Dr Rich Cowles Interview Discussing grubGONE!

• Ohio Turfgrass Foundation Magazine - grubGONE! as a New Organic Option for Insect Control On Sports Fields.

• Grub Control in Lawns May Be Easier and Safer in 2015 on

• The Day - Green and Growing: Kathy Connolly. GrubGONE! & beetleGONE!

• A strain of Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. galleriae containing a novel cry8 gene highly toxic to Anomala cuprea (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae).

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