Turf Magazine Soil Health the Next Big Trend - Invited Expert Publication by Green Earth President Joe Magazzi

Turf Magazine Soil Health the Next Big Trend Joe Magazzi

Joe Magazzi, the founder and president of Green Earth Ag & Turf, was invited by Turf Magazine to write one of the first mainstream article about soil biology - "the Next Big Trend" as it was at the time!  Joe has is a leading expert on building soil health and soil biology in both turf and agriculture, as demonstrated by his frequent invitations to speak, write or do radio interviews on the subject.  He is also a former adjunct professor at the State University of New York Higher system.  Joe gained his expertise as a research scientist that was frequently published in leading scientific journals such as the New England Journal of Medicine and has a Master's degree in genetics (with a microbiology focus) from the University of Connecticut - Storrs.

CLICK HERE to read the entire publication at Turf Magazine.  

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