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Hello From the Owners & Organic Pioneers
Green-Earth-Ag-And-Turf-Joe-Emily-MagazziAs we just finished our first catalog with hundreds of products, it is amazing to reflect on where we are right now and how we have arrived here. Eight years ago, we could never in our wildest dreams have expected to be running a national horticultural supply company and expanding at a very fast pace! Due to the economy crashing in 2009, both of us found ourselves looking for new jobs and we took a leap of faith by starting Green Earth Ag & Turf. We sold our first case of product then filled our basement and eventually had to expand to a warehouse that is now expanding yearly with new products that are continually added to our offerings and programs.

Now, you and your company can have access to the top organic products, which we have selected based upon years of scientific research, product vetting and feedback from our customers. We invite you to explore these safe, easy and proven products and organic solutions by selecting the menus on your left, enjoy the fruits of our 8+ years of research as we change the organic world!

We Care About Our Customers and Their Success!
...Emily, Joe & Marcus Magazzi, Your R&D Department

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