Organic Weed Control


Torocity® is both a pre-emergent and post-emergent weed killer that provides control of more than 45 broadleaf weeds and grasses in turf grass. Torocity inhibits photosynthesis in targeted plants and is absorbed systemically through leaves and roots. It can be effectively used for weed control prior to and when seeding of specific types of turf grasses.  Compare to exact ingredients in Tenacity® Weed Killer.  

Torocity Benefits

  • Provides post-emergent control of tough-to-control weeds.
  • A unique product that eliminates crabgrass without killing the desired turf.
  • Weeds controlled include crabgrass (pre- and post-emergent), ground ivy, yellow foxtail, yellow nutsedge and dandelion.
  • Can be applied anytime seeding takes place including over-seeding of established turf grass, bare ground seeding or during lawn renovations.
  • Same exact active ingredient as Tenacity Weed Killer at a lower cost.

Species controlled or suppressed by Torocity:

  • Barnyardgrass
  • Bentrgrass, Creeping
  • Bluegrass, Annual
  • Carpetweed
  • Chickweed
  • Clover
  • Crabgrass
  • Dandelion
  • Foxtail
  • Ground Ivy
  • Henbit
  • Marestail
  • Nutsedge, Yellow
  • Oxalis
  • Pigweed
  • Smartweed
  • Sow Thistle
  • Verbena
  • Wild Carrot

Torocity is labeled for use on the following areas:

  • Commercial and residential turf grass.
  • Golf Courses (except putting greens).
  • Sod farms.
  • Athletic fields.
  • Parks.
  • Cemeteries.
  • Airports.
  • Lawns.
    ... And Many More

Torocity Application Instructions

  • Use a general application rate of 4-8 ounces per acre in at least 30 gallons of water per acre.  See Label for more weed-specific use rates.
  • Higher rates should be used for heavier weed pressure.
  • A non-ionic surfactant, such as our organic ThermX-70 Yucca Extract, is recommended for a more thorough post-emergent applications.

Torocity Application Notes

  • DO NOT apply  Torocity to desired Bentgrass, Bermudagrass, Zoysiagrass, Poa annua, kikuyugrass, seashore paspalum or Bermudagrass as Torocity is intended to kill those species.
  • DO NOT exceed more than 4 applications of Torocity per year using reduced application rates of no more than 4 fl. oz. per acre per application.
  • Multiple applications must be made no closer than 14 days apart.
  • DO NOT apply more than 8 fl. oz. Torocity per acre in a single application or more than 16 fl. oz. Torocity per acre per year.
    See Label for more restrictions and use notes.

Torocity Active Ingredient

Mesotrione ..... 40.0%*
* Same exact ingredient as Tenacity Weed Killer with a more cost-effective price.

Note: Torocity is one of the few synthetics we carry since there is not any organic post-emergent crabgrass control available. The active ingredient, mesotrione, is based on a naturally occurring compound produced by the bottlebrush plant that inhibits photosynthesis in susceptible
plant species. Torocity has reduced-risk status by the EPA due to low toxicity profile.

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