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Soil PH Control

Solu-Cal pH Control

Solu-Cal pH Control

Organic pH Control for Soil Treatment

Solu-Cal pH Control is a novel way to to adjust soil pH that is 4 times as powerful as lime. Soil pH is a major factor in nutrient availability, microbial activity, soil structure and overall turf vigor. Maintaining the correct soil pH allows for the most efficient use of applied and soil stored nutrients. Solu-Cal’s family of calcium and sulfur products allow turf managers to quickly and efficiently address soil chemistry problems. Solu-Cal Enhanced Calcium quickly raises soil pH at 1⁄4 the application rate of traditional liming material. Many products are available in both our micro/greens grades and standard coarse grades. For liquid applications in either spray programs or hydro-seeding, Solu-Cal L provides available calcium in a clear no grit liquid. All Solu-Cal pH Control products are Powered by Activated Humic Acid Technology, which has been shown to increase nutrient uptake.

The Solu-Cal pH Control family of calcium and sulfur products allow turf managers to quickly and efficiently address soil chemistry problems. Solu-Cal applications can adjust soil pH in only 6-8 weeks!

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Solu-Cal pH ControlSolu-Cal is a pelletized calcium carbonite that uses proprietary humic acid and fulvic acids to enhance a plant’s ability to convert both applied and stored calcium into an  immediately available form for plant uptake and soil pH adjustment. Solu-Cal dramatically reduces manpower and transport costs, raises Soil pH in weeks rather than months as compared to pelletized lime, and is the only university tested and time proven enhanced pelletized calcium product on the market.

Solu-Cal Peak Iron Plus

Solu-Cal pH ControlSolu-Cal Peak Iron Plus is a special formulation of Wolf Trax Iron, Magnesium, Nitrogen and Potash with soluble calcium from Solu-Cal containing polyhydroxycarboxylic acids (PHCA), which are derived from plant extracts in a patented process.

Solu-Cal Humic Plus

Solu-Cal pH ControlSolu-Cal Humic Plus is a phosphorus-free formulation that provides essential carbon forms for soil microbes. This product can be used to maximize the use of stored and applied nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus. Solu-Cal Humic Plus contains 6% activated humic and fulvic acids and 30% Solu-Cal soluble calcium.


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