Branch Creek Safer Play 10-0-2

Pre-Emergent 10-0-2 Natural Crab Grass & Broadleaf Weed Killer 

BranBranch Creek Safer Play 10-0-2 Organic Pre-Emergentch Creek Safer Play 10-0-2 is a granular fertilizer with a pre emergent herbicide that provides superior control of crab grass and other grassy and broadleaf weeds. Branch Creek Safer Play with Weed Control is a novel, natural weed control product that is not comprised of toxic synthetic chemistries. Branch Creek Safer Play with Weed Control has two novel modes of action:

• Burns seed hairs of weeds without affecting desired turf grass.
• Proteins and Polypeptides restrict the germination of seeds.

This unique double action gives Branch Creek Safer Play with Weed Control superior pre-emergent control over other natural products.

Gluten Pre-Emergent ScienceBranch Creek Safer Play 10-0-2 with Weed Control Benefits

• The Pre-Emergent technology allows for natural weed free turf unlike any other in natural land care.
• Novel and unique double action allows for superior Pre-Emergent weed control.
• Promotes quick greening and lush turf.
• Branch Creek Safer Play 10-0-2 with Weed Control is 25(b) exempt, which means it is a minimal risk pesticide that does not need to be registered with an EPA number.
25(b) products can be used in many instances where pesticides are banned or not wanted. Check your local regulations.
No biosolids or other harsh ingredients or animal by-products.
No synthetic phosphorus - Complies with state and regional restrictions in areas where phosphorus use is banned.
Can be applied during seeding – Will not negatively impact seed germination.
Competitively priced – 10-0-2 Lawn Food with Crabgrass Prevention is not only cost-effective – it is a non-commodity product; therefore, the price doesn’t fluctuate.
Convenient – With no harsh ingredients, there are no restrictions on reentry time after application.

Branch Creek Safer Play 10-0-2 with Weed Control General Treatment Instructions

• Apply 3-5 pounds per 1,000 square feet.  Use 5 lb. rate on high pressure crabgrass turfs.

Application Timing:
• For optimal results, apply 10-0-2 over two treatments.  Apply the first treatment when soil temperatures reach 50°F (for optimal green-up and early season weeds). Apply the second application in 4 weeks following that for later spring weeds such as crabgrass.
• For a single application, apply Safer Play 10-0-2 before soil temperatures reach 57°F for 3 consecutive days (you can check your soil temperatures by following the link here and simply entering your zip code).
• These temperatures will usually occur in Mid-March to April (or after turf breaks dormancy), but follow soil temperatures as above for the optimal results.

Application Notes:
• For best results, water lightly after application if rain is not forecast for 24 hours.  Irrigation or significant rainfall within a couple days of application will improve outcomes.
For best results, apply this product within a few days after mowing and avoid moving for a few days after application.

Spreader Settings:

1/2 Lb. N 1 Lb. N
Scotts® R8 O/P V
Scotts® 2000 Q/R X
Lesco® L/M P/Q
Earthway ? ?
Vicon® 33 – 25′ 46 – 25′
Lely® 5 – 25′ 7.75 – 25′

Gluten as a Pre-Emergent - The Science

Gluten has been tested for over 20 years by Iowa State University as a pre-emergent herbicide:
Iowa State University: Corn Gluten Meal Research.
Iowa State University: Corn Gluten Meal - A Natural Weed and Feed for Lawns and Gardens.

Branch Creek Safer Play 10-0-2 with Weed Control Active Ingredients

Corn Gluten Meal ...................................... 85%

Guaranteed Analysis:

Total Nitrogen (N) ....................................... 10%

- 7% Water Soluble Nitrogen
- 3% Water Insoluble Nitrogen

Soluble Potash Potassium (K) ................ 2%

Branch Creek Safer Play 10-0-2 with Weed Control Available Sizes

• 40 lb. Bag (Covers 10,000 sq. ft.).
• One Ton (2,000 lb.) Discounted Pallets Available (50 x 40 Pound Bags or 2,000 lbs.) - Discounts Available.


Branch Creek Organics, LLC asserts that 10-0-2 Lawn Food with
Crabgrass Prevention complies with EPA Regulations for 25(B) exempt
pesticide ingredients.

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