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Organic Weed Control

Avenger Non-Selective Weed Killer

A great alternative for RoundUp®, glyphosate or other synthetic weed killers!
The first EPA approved Organic Herbicide

OMRI Listed

Avenger Weed Killer is a non-selective, post-emergent organic herbicide that safely kills weeds, grasses and broadleaves. Unlike other organic herbicides that just burn foliage, the active ingredient in Avenger, d-limonene (citrus oil), naturally strips away the waxy plant cuticle causing dehydration and plant death. University and independent testing results prove that Avenger® Weed Killer is as effective yet even faster acting when compared to the leading synthetic herbicides. When tested against other non-organic ‘natural’ herbicides that contain vinegar (acetic acid), citric acid, clove oil or some fatty acids (soap), Avenger® was demonstrated to be more effective with quicker results.  A great alternative for RoundUp®

Product Highlights

• Fast acting – visible results in less than 2 hours.
• Highly biodegradable.
• Dissipates quickly.
• Can be used around pets and wildlife.
• Does not stain brick, concrete or pavement like iron does.
• Emulsion technology – visually reference your spray target.
• Sprayed areas can be planted within hours.
• Made from oranges – pleasant citrus aroma.
• EPA registered & approved.
• Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) listed product.
• d-Limonene is Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) by the FDA.
• Made in the USA.

Great For Use in and Around:

Gardens, Lawns, Shrubs, Flower  Beds, Driveways, Sidewalk, Patios, Borders, Outside Walls, Mulch Beds, Gravel Beds, Mature Trees & Ornamentals, Greenhouses, Fence rows, Foundations, Buildings, Golf Courses, Athletic Fields, Parks & Recreation Areas, Bike & Hiking Trails, Kennels and Animal Enclosures...and many more.

The Science

For more detailed information on Avenger studies Click Here.


Reviews Reviewed - Avenger Organic Weed Killer.

General Application Directions

Directions: Shake well before using. For best results, shake the RTU and post-mix concentrate vigorously. Thoroughly coat target weeds. A white emulsion should be visible when spraying to visually mark sprayed weeds. If this white emulsion is not visible, shake again to insure a complete mix. Do not apply this product by way of an irrigation system. Do not apply if there is a strong threat of rain expected within 2 hours.

Diluting the concentrate: Mix concentrate in clean water as per the directions below and shake well once diluted:

• For Small annual weeds: For the control of annual weeds less than 6 inches tall, use a 1:6 ratio (1 part of Avenger® Weed Killer into 6 parts of water).
• Larger annual weeds: For the control of annual weeds above 6 inches, use a 1:4.5 ratio (1 part of Avenger® Weed Killer in 4.5 parts of water).
• Harder to control weeds (weeds with a thick cuticle such as ivy and hard to control perennials): Use a 1:3 ratio (1 part of Avenger® Weed Killer in 3 parts of water).
• Larger applications (agriculture or burn-down): Use 8 gallons per acre diluted at a rate of 14% (or 24 ounces per 1,000 square feet).
• For best results, spray when ambient high temperatures are expected above 50ºF and lows above freezing.

Available Sizes

Convenient Ready To Use (RTU) Sizes:
• 24 Ounce RTU Spray.
• 1 Gallon RTU Spray.

Economical Concentrate Sizes:
• 32 Ounce Concentrate.
• 1 Gallon Concentrate.
• 2.5 Gallon Concentrate.
• 5 Gallon Concentrate.
• 55 Gallon Drum Concentrate.

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