Selective Weed Killers

Selective weed killers affect only specified weeds such as
dandelions, clover, bluegrass, and much more without harming desired turf grass.

Fiesta Lawn Weed Killer is a selective, broadleaf weed killer that leaves lawns healthy and weed-free using a specially formulated iron chelate solution. Fiesta® works quickly, delivering visible same-day results, even in cool weather. And since Fiesta® is made from iron, it has no unpleasant odor during or after application, and pets and people can reenter the treated area once the spray is dry. With Fiesta, you have visible results within hours, it is effective even in cool weather, and it works fast and weed control can be seen in the same day.

Bonide Weed Beater Fe (Iron)

Bonide Weed Beater is the retail line with the same ingredients as Fiesta (the formulation for both is owned by the same manufacturer, Neudorff).  With more convenient smaller concentrate sizes, as well as Ready-To-Use pumps, you can now have the same great iron-based, non-toxic selective weed killer formulations that are used by the top organic landscapers throughout the country!

Branch Creek Weed Shield is a selective post-emergent natural herbicide that can be used in a variety of settings including turf, landscapes, beds, and in all agriculture. This patented post-emergent herbicide is effective on a broad range of weeds. Branch Creek Weed Shield will kill the weeds without effecting turf grass. Weed Shield is a novel, natural selective weed control product that is not comprised of toxic synthetic chemistries.

Non-selective Weed Killers

Organic non-selective weed killers are an eco-friendly way to break down unwanted weeds in dense areas.  They are fast-acting, stainless, and leave areas ready for planting within hours.

Finalsan® Herbicide is a patented fast-acting weed, grass, algae, and moss killer. A great alternative to conventional herbicides!  Using a specially formulated, non-staining, ammonium soap of fatty acids, Finalsan is a non-selective herbicide that controls or suppresses many common annual, biennial, and perennial weeds. Herbicidal soaps work by  penetrating the waxy cuticle of plants, causing the plant to dehydrate and die - a much more thorough killing mechanism than vinegars (acetic acids), salts or other compounds that simply burn leaves.

HomePlate Bottle Image

HomePlate is our Ag-Labelled non-selective weed killer that also (like Finalsan & BurnOut II) utilizes fatty acids for the most thorough organic kill available. HomePlate has high solubility and formulation stability allow for better spreading and knockdown. Approved for Organic Farmers and Food Crops, HomePlate can be used for vegetation burndown, directed and shielded sprays, pre-plant application, post-harvest spray, sucker control, pruning and trimming, harvest aid and is rain-fast within three hours!

Bonide BurnOut® Formula II a more convenient sized version of fatty acids (soaps) such as those found in Finalsan, the professional version.  These concentrated, potent and non-staining ingredients represent the best new top-of-the-line technology for fast-acting and through killing or suppression of many common annual, biennial, and perennial weeds, algae and mosses. A great organic product for use when conventional herbicides are banned or not desired!

Pre-Emergent Weed Killers

Pre-emergent weed killers control crab grass as well as broadleaf type weeds before planting season to make areas ready for turf growth and crop planting.

Branch Creek Safer Play 10-0-2 is a granular fertilizer with a pre-emergent herbicide that provides superior control of crab grass and other grassy and broadleaf weeds. With 10% Nitrogen, you also get superior greening of turf.  Branch Creek Safer Play with Weed Control is a novel, natural weed control product that is not comprised of toxic synthetic chemistries.  Branch Creek Safer Play with Weed Control has two novel modes of action; gluten both burns seed hairs of weeds without affecting desired turf grass and the proteins and polypeptides in gluten restrict the germination of seeds.

Branch Creek Crabgrass Shield is a liquid pre-emergent herbicide formulated specifically to prevent crabgrass on established grass and turf using natural ingredients; non-manure based and biosolid-free with no harsh ingredients.. Most effective when applied in the spring, Crabgrass Shield can provide up to 8 weeks of protection.  Crabgrass shield is an effective formula and has no restrictions on reentry time after application.

Gluten-8 OLP is a novel selective pre-emergent natural liquid herbicide that combines the effectiveness of 20 years of scientifically proven Corn Gluten Meal with the convenience and cheaper price of a sprayable liquid. The unique enzymatic hydrolysis process preserves the efficacy of Corn Gluten Meal to provide an economical organic product for home and professional pre-emergent weed control for suppression of annual grass weeds (crab grass) as well as broadleaf weeds such as dandelions, clover and plantain.

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