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ON-Gard® 5-0-0 (BioWorks)

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100% Plant-Derived and 100% Soluble, Zero Phosphorous Formula

ON-Gard 5-0-0 from BioWorks is an innovative fertilizer that is 100% plant-derived, 100% water soluble, and consistent in composition. With a low Salinity Index there is an absence of phytotoxic effects after foliar application of 5x the recommended dose. ON-Gard contains aspartic acid, which is fundamental in several metabolic processes. It also contains glutamic acid which stimulates development, increases resistance against weather stress, is a precursor to key amino acids and helps with the absorption of inorganic nitrogen. 

ON-Gard 5-0-0 enhances traditional fertilizer programs to achieve high productivity and quality by adding low salt, biologically active substances such as amino acids, peptides, and vitamins, which can enhance photosynthesis and improve uptake and efficacy of other foliar- and soil-applied crop inputs. ON-Gard aids in reducing the effects of plant stress, such as drought, excess salinity, extreme heat and other forms of abiotic stress. ON-Gard improves plant growth, supporting all phases of development especially flowering and fruit enlargement. ON-Gard is non-phytotoxic and does not contain environmentally sensitive compounds or any animal products, animal extracts, or tannery byproducts.

ON-Gard 5-0-0 Advantages Include

  • Supplies Nitrogen provided by amino acids.
  • Low Salinity Index makes burning almost impossible with foliar feeding - even up to 5x the recommended rate! 
  • 100% plant-derived, water soluble, consistent in composition.
  • Can be applied foliar or as a drench.
  • Improves plant development and helps sustain growth.
  • Helps withstand abiotic stresses (heat/cold, drought, pest, low light, salinity).
  • Foliar and root uptake is rapid.
  • Produced in an OMRI inspected facility with a unique technology that preserves the biological activity of the components.
  • Augments the uptake of other nutrients, thus increasing the efficiency of fertilizer.

ON-Gard 5-0-0 Guaranteed Analysis

Total Nitrogen (N) ......................................................... 5%
5% Water Soluble Nitrogen

ON-Gard 5-0-0 General Treatment Instructions

General Application for Nursery and Landscape Plants, Indoor Growing or Turf:

  • Apply 16 to 64 fluid ounces per acre during the growth cycle of the plant.
  • Use as much water as is needed for adequate foliage coverage or as required by any tank mix partner material(s).
  • Applications may be repeated up to 6 times per growing season.
  • ON-Gard can be applied as a pre-plant root dip or as a seed drench using a 1% v/v rate or slightly less than 1 fluid ounce per gallon of water.

On-Gard 5-0-0 Ingredients

  • Soy Protein Hydrolysate.

ON-Gard 5-0-0 Available Sizes

  • 2.5 Gallon (Covers 2 1/2 Acres).

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