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MicrobeLife Nourish-L Humic Acids and Fulvic Acids

MicrobeLife Nourish-L Humic Acids and Fulvic Acids (labeled Nourish-C in California) is natural soil amendment that builds organic matter and contains a multitude of micro-nutrients for an excellent well-rounded and more complete soil amendment. Humus is the organic matter of soil - the high-quality carbon that makes up a vital part of healthy soil and is necessary for germination and healthy plant, tree and turf growth. Humates are the retention component of soil, helping to keep nutrients (fertilizers) and water in close proximity to plant, tree and turf roots and helping to reduce environmentally harmful run-off. Humates also act a pre-biotic, that is that they help to feed and maintain healthy soil biology. Nourish-L is a unique, liquid conditioner derived from a highly decomposed organic humus deposit (not Leonardite) unparalleled by any other source of humates. Nourish-L contains natural marine animal carbon and vegetative carbon compounds, making it more complex and superior to Leonardite sources.  Nourish-L also contains an amazing wealth of Cypress lignin - a high-level food source for the beneficial fungi and bacteria - which strengthens plant cell walls and enhances nutrient absorption and water-binding capabilities. 100% Verified Organic to USDA standards.

Nourish-L Humic Acid Benefits

• Stimulates plant enzymes.
• Acts as an organic catalyst.
Washington State For Use in Organic Agriculture• Stimulates growth and proliferation of desirable soil microorganisms as well as algae and yeasts.
• Increases root respiration and formation.
• Increases the availability of micronutrients.
• Increases the permeability of plant membranes, which increases the uptake of nutrients.
• Increases the vitamin content of plants.
• Increases the viability and germination of seed.
• Accelerates cell division and root development.
• Contains a wealth of micro-elements such as Si, Fe, Mg, S, Ba, B, Mn, Co, Ni, Ti, Mo, Cu, Pb, Ag and more...
• Increases photosynthesis in plants.
• Contains soluble silicon.

Humates are vital for healthy plant, tree and turf growth and also act as a pre-biotic to feed soil biology. This vital soil component is susceptible to depletion from oxidation, plant uptake or other common treatments and practices that cause leeching. The depletion rate will lower soil organic matter content if humates are not somehow replaced.

Nourish-L General Application Directions

Initial Use: Add Nourish-L at a rate of 2-3 oz. per gallon of water.
Subsequent Use: Add Nourish-L at a rate of 1 oz. for per gallon of water.
*Do not use more than 50 gallons of this product per year on your soil.

Nourish-L Ingredients

• Humic Acid (Decomposed Plant Residue) ........................... 0.25%.

Nourish-L Available Sizes

• 16 oz.
• 32 oz.
• 1 Gallon
• 2.5 Gallon

Nourish-C (California Compliant) Now Available

The same formulation that makes Nourish-L effective is now available from Green Earth Ag & Turf under the Nourish-C label. For use in the state of California, users should request Nourish-C when purchasing.


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