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Alfalfa Meal 3-2-2 (Organic Fluffy Powder)

Alfalfa Meal is a soil amendment that stimulates biological activity within the soil by providing populations of soil organisms with Protein, Nitrogen, fiber and other beneficial substrates.

Alfalfa Meal Benefits

• Increases the health of plants, trees and turf.
• Contains Nitrogen, Protein, fiber and many additional vital trace minerals.
• Stimulates biological activity for better soil and plant, turf or tree health.

Alfalfa Meal is an easy and natural way to build soil biology and add nitrogen and vital nutrients to increase plant, turf and tree growth.

Alfalfa Meal General Treatment Instructions

Add Alfalfa Meal at a general rate of 5 - 10 lbs. per 1,000 square feet (Approximately 225 or 450 lbs. per acre) for turf, landscape bedding or in agriculture.

Alfalfa Meal Ingredients

• 100% Organic Alfalfa Meal.

Alfalfa Meal Available Sizes

  • 50 Pound Bag
  • Pallet (40 x 50 lb. Bags (1 ton)) - Discounts Available

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