Animal Repellent

I Must Garden Mole & Vole Repellent (Granular)

I Must Garden Mole and Vole super concentrate

Mole and Vole Super Concentrate

Repels Without Harming Animals, People, Pets or Nature
20% Castor Oil - Compare to More Expensive Products with 15% or Less!!!! 

I Must Garden Mole and Vole Repellent I Must Garden Mole & Vole Repellent -  But don't let the name fool you - this is the most potent product available for Professionals as well as home lawn and garden use! I Must Garden Mole & Vole Repellent is used to rid moles and voles from lawns, gardens, flower beds, and more. It works by making the food source and environment of burrowing animals smell and taste unpleasant. This causes the animals to leave the treated area in search of a better habitat. This great animal repellent contains all natural ingredients that can be used year round. For use on lawns, flower beds and everywhere moles, voles or other ground animals are causing issues. I Must Garden Mole & Vole Repellent is people and pet friendly and safe for the environment too!

Put an end to the destruction caused by moles, voles and gophers with the most potent mole and vole repellent available on the market for professionals as well as home use!

I Must Garden Mole & Vole Repellent Benefits

• Super Strong Formula contain 20% Castor Oil and Mint and Cedar Oils -Compare to other more expensive products!
• Easy to use – both Granular and Liquid repellents are simple to apply.
• Natural ingredients – safe for people, pets and the environment.
• Formulated specifically to repel moles and voles – not harm them. biologicals.
• Novel production platform technology.

Labeled Naturally & Harmlessly to Repel the Following Animals:

• Moles
• Voles
• Skunks
• Chipmunks
• Gophers
• Ground Squirrels
• Armadillos
...and other Burrowing Animals

Application Instructions for I Must Garden Mole & Vole Repellent

Initial Treatment:
• Divide your property into several sections considering one or more areas where you want the animals to exit the property.
• The first application should be in the section farthest from the exit area.
• Apply to moist ground when possible at a rate of: Granular: 2 Pounds / 1,000 Square Feet - Hose End Concentrate: ½ Gallon / 1,000 Square Feet.
• Water the repellent in after you have applied it. This is to make sure the ingredients are carried down to the root zone.
• To avoid the watering steps before and after application, apply the repellent on a rainy day!
• Treat first section and wait 5-10 days before treating each subsequent section.
• Thirty days from initial treatment, treat entire property with product at a rate of: Granular: 1 Pound/1,000 Square Feet - Mixed Concentrate: ¼ Gallon / 1,000 Square Feet.
• Maintenance and preventative re-application rates will vary from 30-90 days depending on the surrounding infestations.

For More Detailed Application Instructions See Label Here

TIP: Consider applying the repellent by hand. We recommend applying our repellent in sections over time, to help drive burrowing creatures out towards a chosen exit point. For most customers, this means you are only applying the repellent to small, manageable areas. In these smaller sections, a spreader is not always necessary for a fast application. Applying the repellent by hand is quick, accurate, and easy. The repellent is safe for handling, though we do recommend using gloves for easy clean up.

Spreader Settings & Instructions

Exact application rates will vary by spreader type/condition and your walking speed. The average setting range for initial applications (of 1 lb. per 500 sq. ft.) is 4 to 6.

If your spreader has different settings, follow these easy instructions to fins your optimal setting:

1) The goal is to find the lowest setting where the repellent can flow freely from the spreader without skipping and pauses in the application. This setting will represent the lightest application you can achieve with a spreader that does not leave gaps in your application.
2) Start by putting roughly 1 lb. of repellent in the hopper. Using a smaller amount will help the repellent flow more freely, and will give you a better idea of how much area you are covering with your chosen setting. 1 lb. of repellent should cover about 500 Square Feet if you are doing an initial application.
3) Set your spreader to setting #1 and begin walking. Increase the setting by one until you achieve a light, but consistent flow. You will likely need to go up to a 4-5, and some spreaders require settings as high as 7-8.
4) It is better to go too light and circle back for a second pass than go too heavy and not cover the entire area. Not every spreader on the market will allow our repellent to flow at the proper rate. If you are having trouble finding a setting that works, you may need to apply it by hand or use a different spreader.

Testing was done using a Scott’s Turfbuilder Edgeguard Rotary Spreader, which has a dial range of 0-15. If your spreader has a smaller/larger dial range, you will need to adjust the setting accordingly to find the correct application rate).

I Must Garden Mole & Vole Active Ingredient

• Castor Oil..........................................20.0% (Compare to other products at 15%!)
• Mint Oil.............................................. 0.75%
• Cedar Oil.............................................0.5%

I Must Garden Mole & Vole Repellent Available Sizes

• 10 lb. bags (Covers 10,000 square feet).
• 25 lb. bags (Covers 25,000 square feet).
• 50 lb. bags and bulk sizes available by request.
*Cost-Effective Liquid Concentrate is also available by CLICKING HERE.

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