Growth Enhancers

Vitazyme is one of the most profitable inputs you can be used for plant, tree and turf care professionals and homeowners alike. Starting any crop with Vitazyme can greatly enhance the plants ability to uptake nutrients giving them the boost they need to launch them into growth. Vitazyme is organic and sustainable, making it a product that can be used indefinitely without any concerns for you, your pets, animals or the environment.

KeyPlex's Micronutrient and Growth Enhancing Formulas patented blend of micronutrients, yeast hydrolysate and humic acid found in each of product fuels the energy requirements for defense, growth and reproduction necessary in plant production and stabilization. The careful selection of raw materials, together with precise standards of production, provides a consistently reliable method of insuring that the optimum level of plant nutrition and effectiveness is realized. The use of KeyPlex makes the complexity of plant health universal and simple.

PERpose™ Soil and Plant Oxygen Enhancer is a specially formulated hydrogen peroxide & hydrogen dioxide based product.  PERpose increases oxygen levels in soil, reducing problems associated with anaerobic conditions and helps to stimulate and maintain healthy root development.  This oxygen also helps to loosen compacted soil. With more oxygen present in the root zone nutrient uptake increases, resulting in maintaining healthy root systems and increased vigor. Because plants have more available oxygen they will be more resistant to drought.

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