Natural Animal Repellents

The animal repellents we have chose use natural ingredients.  They work by mechanisms such as taking advantage of an animals' keen sense of smell to trick them into believing predators lurk in applied areas. These products are deemed "Minimum Risk Pesticide Products" by the US EPA "Because EPA has determined that certain "minimum risk pesticides" pose little to no risk to human health or the environment".

Epic Animal Repellents' SCRAM products are no longer registered in the state of Connecticut (where Green Earth Ag &Turf is located) or other states that require this type of registration, so we are no longer are able to carry them. We have, however, found products that are generally of higher concentration with lower costs with the I Must Garden line of animal repellents.


Mole & Vole / Natural Animal Repellents

I Must Garden Granular
Mole & Vole Repellent

I Must Garden Liquid
Mole & Vole Repellent

Deer, Rabbit & General Animal Repellents

 I Must Garden General Repellent 

I Must Garden
Deer Repellent

Other Natural Animal Repellents

I Must Garden Organic Dog & Cat Repellent

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