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For Use with All Orchids

Quantum Orchid is simply probiotics for orchids with natural micro-organisms for superior growth. It performs multiple key functions for increased orchid growth and health:

  • Microbes that help deliver and cycle fertilizer to increase nutrient uptake for orchids.
  • Beneficial microbes that increase orchid health and their Quantum Orchidnatural resistance to stress and disease.
  • Microbes that increase orchid growth through the natural production of plant hormones.
  • Photosynthetic strains that "feed" orchids by producing sugars, thus providing energy to  plants.

Quantum Orchid is NOT

  • A fertilizer (no added N-P-K) or a compost/manure product.
  • A chemical, pesticide or artificial hormone.
  • Made of genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

Why Should I Use Quantum Orchid?

Quantum Orchid is a great way to increase orchid blooms, promote lush growth and stimulate brighter colors. Quantum Orchid is vital for increasing root growth and thickness which is great for preventing disease and aiding in recovery from damage caused by pests and environmental stress.

It can also be used as a root dip for potting or re-potting orchids.

Quantum Orchid is also great for the environment and is safe around people and pets.

How Do I Use Quantum Orchid?

Quantum Orchid can be added to a normal watering or treatment schedule. Use at a dilution of 1 teaspoon per 6 cups of water (1 capful = 1 teaspoon). Pour or spray on the roots or the foliage. For best results, apply every 14 to 21 days.

Quantum Orchid can be purchased exclusively from our partner at

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