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Nu Film P

OMRI CertificateOMRI Listed

Nu Film P is a superior sticker and adjuvant with organic, non-ionic properties. It is designed to increase the effective life of an agrichemical after application. Nu-Film P extends the active life of foliar fertilizers or pest and disease control products, saving money and reducing the possibility of breakthroughs.

Nu Film P BenefitsNu Film P

  • Forms a soft, elastic film through polymerization which holds the pesticide on crop foliage.
  • OMRI-Listed organic.
  • Reduces the effects of environmental degradation of pesticide efficacy.
  • Improves initial applications for more complete coverage.
  • Reduces pesticide loss from rainfall, wind erosion, heat and ultra-violet radiation.

Application Instructions

For Smaller Applications:
Add 0.1 oz. (about 0.5 teaspoon or 0.2 tablespoons, both rounded for easier math) per 1 gallon of water.

For Larger Applications:
Add 10 oz. of Nu-Film in 100 gallons of water per acre.
This is approximately 0.22 ounces (about ½ teaspoon or 1.32 tablespoon) per 1,000 square feet in 2.3 gallons of water.

Application Notes:
• Under most conditions, apply at least one hour, during daylight, before anticipated rain.
• Sunlight, direct or indirect, is needed for this time period for the film to set.

Available Sizes

  • 1 Gallon Concentrate

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