Pest Insect Control / Spinosad

Entrust SC

Entrust® SC Naturalyte® insect control, listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) for use in organic production, provides the performance organic growers have come to trust, but in a liquid formulation. Produced through the fermentation of a naturally occurring soil bacterium, spinosad, the active ingredient in Entrust SC, provides control of a broad array of pest insects such as worms, thrips and leafminers.

entrust-scBenefits of Entrust SC

  • Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) Listed for use in organic production.
  • Convenient liquid formulation making measuring and mixing easier.
  • Quick knockdown and residual activity.
  • With dual modes of entry — contact and ingestion — Entrust SC provides quick knockdown and residual activity.
  • Unbeatable control - Entrust SC demonstrates activity against a wide array of pests such as armyworms, thrips, leafminer, codling moth, cherry fruit fly and spotted wing drosophila.
  • Provides pest-specific control with relatively low toxicity to nontarget organisms, including many beneficial insects.

Pests Controlled By Entrust SC Include:

Spotted wing drosophila, thrips, loopers, armyworms, fire worms, leafrollers, fleabeetles, sawfly, diamondback moth, caterpillars, cabbage root maggot, corn earworm, melon worm, pickleworm, rindworms, blueberry gall, midge cherry fruit worm, cranberry fruit worm, currant fruit fly, raspberry fruitworm, European grapevine moth, light brown apple moth, cotton bollworm, cotton leafperforator, cotton bollworm, tobacco budwormcoffee leafminer, banana rust thrips, Hawaiian flower thrips...and many more, see label for complete list.

Entrust SC General Treatment Instructions

  • A general rate of Entrust would be approximately 5 oz. of product per acre.  However, see label for crop and pest specific application rates.
  • A minimum of 5 to 10 gallons of water per acre should be used to apply the label rate of Entrust.
  • Maintain sufficient agitation during application to ensure uniformity of the spray mix.

Entrust SC Active Ingredients

Spinosad (a mixture of spinosyn A and spinosyn D) ......................... 22.5%

Entrust SC Available Sizes

1 Quart (Covers 21 Acres).

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