Disease Control

Certis Double Nickel

Double Nickel Organic Bio Fungicide

Double Nickel 55 WG & Double Nickel LC are broad spectrum preventive bio-fungicides for control or suppression of fungal and bacterial plant diseases. This novel biological has shown efficacy on more than 90 different diseases.  Double Nickel Can be used as a foliar spray or for soil applications.

Double Nickel 55 Benefits

  • OMRI Listed organic, the most stringent standard for food production in the industry.
  • Manufacturing expertise ensures a reliable, potent formulation containing a consistent, high CFU count.
  • Has shown efficacy on more than 90 different diseases.
  • Flexible application methods - Double Nickel can be used as a foliar spray or for soil applications to control or suppress fungal and bacterial diseases above and below the surface.

Diseases Controlled By Double Nickel 55

  • Powdery mildew
  • Sclerotinia spp.
  • Botrytis spp.
  • Alternaria spp.
  • Bacterial leaf spot
  • Bacterial spot and speck
  • Fire blight
  • Xanthomonas ssp.
  • Monilinia ssp

Crops Protected by Double Nickel 55

  • Leafy vegetables and brassicas
  • Fruiting vegetables
  • Strawberries and cane berries
  • Curcurbits
  • Grapes
  • Root, tuber, corm and bulb vegetables
  • Stone fruit and tree nuts
  • Pome fruit
  • Citrus

Double Nickel 55 Active Ingredients

Double Nickel WG (Wettable Powder):
Bacillus amyloliquefaciens strain D747 ........................ 25%

Double Nickel LC (Liquid):
Bacillus amyloliquefaciens strain D747 ........................ 98.85%

Double Nickel 55 Available Sizes

Double Nickel WG (Wettable Powder):

  • 5 lb. Bag (Covers 10 acres).

Double Nickel LC (Liquid):

  • 2.5 Gallon (Covers 8 Acres).
  • 250 Gallon Tote (Covers 800 Acres).

Double Nickel 55 Info

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