Tick/Mosquito Control

Bonide Mosquito Beater WSP

Mosquito Beater WSP is a mosquito larvicide from Bonide made from natural ingredients. Using a water soluble delivery system, Mosquito Beater WSP can be deployed across the surface of standing water where mosquitoes tend to breed. Its active ingredient targets mosquito larvae, killing potentially dangerous or troublesome infestations before they becoming breeding, biting adults.

Mosquito Beater WSP Benefits

  • Easy to apply, soluble in water
  • Works in stagnant, polluted, or algae prevalent water
  • Can be used in all types of standing water, except finished, treated human drinking sources
  • Safe for fish and other aquatic organisms

Application Rate

0.2 ounces will treat up to 50 square feet of water surface. When treating larger areas, distribute uniformly on the surface to ensure adequate dispersion. A Lower rate can be used in clear water. See label for more details.

Available Sizes

Comes in 0.2 ounce packets.

  • Tub of 80 Packets
  • Pack of 24 Packets


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