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Organic Approach Azomite Micronized Powder

Azomite® Micronized Powder is a natural, ultra-fine (-200 mesh), mineral product that Azomite Micronized Powderserves as an anti-caking agent and a unique re-mineralizer for soils.

Azomite's complex mix of naturally occurring minerals maximize germination and help plants grow to their full potential by aiding photosynthesis. Azomite also improves the Brix content.

Azomite is 100% natural. It uses no additives, no synthetics, and no fillers.

Uses for Azomite Micronized Powder

  • Agricultural fertilizer
  • Soil amendment for potting soil
  • Green and aged compost

What is Azomite?

Azomite Micronized PowderAzomite is a powdered form of rhyolitic tuff breccia, a volcanic rock mined from a deposit in Utah.  Powered Azomite contains important minerals for depleted soil.


  • Natural mined azomite
  • Extracted soluble humate SP-85 (4.5%)

Application Rates

As a soil amendment or plant enhancer, apply 5-10 ounces per 1,000 square feet 2-4  times per year.

Available Sizes

  • 44 lb bag

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