Arctic ECO Green Eco-Friendly Ice Melt

Artctic ECO Green Ice Melt Xynyth CMA Coated

Arctic ECO Green® Ice Melter is a powerful all natural deicer that is gentle on the environment, the surfaces it is applied to and harmless around children and pets.  Arctic ECO Green is specially manufactured using the latest encapsulating technology that uniformly surrounds rock salt and potassium with the anti-corrosive CMA. This unique process makes this product much more anti-corrosive and effective than common blended products.  Arctic ECO Green provides an environmentally-friendly alternative to standard rock salts and calcium chloride blends.

Arctic ECO Green Icemelter is dyed a bright green color. This dye is environmentally friendly, and when used as directed does not stain the surface of your walkway or
road surface. The dye helps the user to ECOnomically spread the icemelter evenly, preventing overspreading of the product.

Arctic ECO Green Icemelt Benefits

  • Arctic ECO Green Ice Melt Xynyth CMA CoatedFast Acting and Powerful to -20°F (-29°C).
  • All Natural Ingredients.
  • Harmless Around Children and Pets!
  • Cost effective green color to visualize applied areas.
  • Gentle on the Environment.
  • Anti-Corrosive Formulation.
  • Safer on Concrete.*

*Note: Ice melters should not be applied to unsealed concrete brick, exposed aggregate or precast steps and should not be used on concrete less than 12 months old.

Arctic ECO Green Icemelt Composition

The product is made up primarily from three ingredients, potassium acetate, CMA and sodium chloride. Potassium, being a required nutrient to plant life, has long been known as a safe ingredient to melt ice safely; the CMA gives this product the boost it needs to work down to lower temperatures than standard rock salts and is much less corrosive.

Arctic ECO Green Icemelt Application Instructions

  • Apply at a rate of 10 - 20 lbs. per 1,000 square feet (¼ - ½ cup per square yard).

Application Notes:

  • Arctic ECO Green Icemelter is best applied in a uniform, even distribution pattern.
  • It is easiest to spread by mechanical means, such as a spreader, depending on size of coverage.
  • It is recommended to remove ice and slush once ice bond has broken.
  • Icemelter may be applied at the beginning of a storm to prevent hard ice accumulations.

Arctic ECO Green Icemelt Available Sizes

  • 10 lb. Poly Bag (Covers 1,000 sq. ft.) / Pallet of 225x Bags (Covers 225,000 sq. ft. or 5.2 acres).
  • 22 lb. Poly Bag (Covers 2,200 sq. ft.) / Pallet of 100x Bags (Covers 220,000 sq. ft. or 5.1 acres).
  • 44 lb. Poly Bag (Covers 4,400 sq. ft.) / Pallet of 49x Bags (Covers 215,600 sq. ft. or 5 acres).
  • 50 lb. Pail (Covers 5,000 sq. ft.) / Pallet of 48x Pails or 2,400 lb. (Covers 240,000 sq. ft. or 5.5 acres).
  • 1 Metric Ton or 2,300 lb. Tote (Covers 230,000 square feet or 5.3 acres).

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