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Expanding Dry Compacted Coir & Worm Casting Soil

What is Wonder Soil

WONDER SOIL® is a light weight compressed soil that expands up to 8-times its original volume with just the addition of water! Made with renewable coco coir, worm castings, Mycorrhizal Fungi and natural fertilizer (kelp or seaweed), Wonder Soil expands into real soil with an 80% savings on shipping costs (and carbon), storage, power and labor. Wonder Soil promotes stronger root systems, faster germination and enhanced plant and turf growth. Unlike other expanding products, Wonder Soil contains worm castings, not peat, so you end up with real soil; not a mulch or soil-less media.  Wonder Soil is available in multiple sizes and formulations for various growing applications. With the products that include water saving polymers, there is a savings of up to 50% in water, labor, and energy for up to 7 years. Our products promote exceptional success for both the novice and professional.

Innovative Concept and Formulation

Wonder Soil is a Complete Compressed, Expanding Soil Containing:
• Coco Coir
• Worm Castings
• Kelp
• Micro- and Macro-Nutrients
• Mycorrhizal Fungi
• Water-Saving Polymers (in some products)

The Benefits of Wonder Soil Include:

• From dry mix to full soil in seconds.
• Expands up to 9 times its original size.
• Ships dry and compressed.
• Saves up to 90% on freight.
• 50% water saving for as long as 5 to 7 years.
• Huge water, power, nutrient, and labor savings.
• Unlimited shelf life.
• Faster seed germination and better plant and turf growth.
• 1 truck of WONDER SOIL equals 9 trucks of traditional soil.
• Water saving polymer formula retards evaporation and nutrient leaching.
• Meets USGA Greens Drainage Standards.

Backed by Field Trials and Research

A comparative study of Wonder Soil versus conventional soil using the same grass seed was done at Floyd Lamb Park in Las Vegas, NV in April of 2013. 20,000 square feet were divided in half and treated with or without Wonder Soil.

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Application Information

Turf, Golf and Landscape:
Wonder Soil can be used on all turfs for easier and less labor-intensive topdressing, overseeding or hole-filling. Our reground (pellet-like) form is suggested, and can be spread through standard fertilizer spreaders or by hand. Simply spread and then water for instant, high-quality soil with quicker seed germination and no weed seeds!
For Topdressing and Overseeding: Use 10 pounds (lbs.) of WonderSoil should be used per 1,000 square feet mixed with or without seed.
For filling holes and divots: Use approximately 120-130 lbs. of Wonder Soil to expand to the equivalent of 1 yard of topsoil or compost.
Wonder Soil is available through Green Earth Ag and Turf in standard 2 and 4 pound reground bags, as a bulk container (a 1,000 lb SuperSack will expand to approximately 8 yards of high-quality, seed-free soil), or we can ship by the pound based on your needs. Prices vary based on weight needed, call or e-mail us for a free quote.

Potted Plants and Raised Garden Beds:
Expand and Plant Wafers: These convenient 2.5" Expand and Plant Wafers expand with water to instantly fill a 4" pot.  1 container of Expand and Plant Wafers contains 18 wafers to fill 18 individual 4" pots.
Seed Starter Expanding Pellets: Each 1/2 inch diameter Wonder Soil seed starting pellet will fill any size starting cell and promote faster germination.  One tube fills 150 seed starting cells.
Expand & Plant Bricks: Each dried, compressed, light-weight brick expands to 2.5 gallons. Great for larger jobs such as filling raised garden beds or for larger pots, hanging pots, or filling large yard holes.
Expand & Plant Cube. Each dried, compressed, light-weight cube expands to 18.5 gallons or 2.5 cubic feet (1 cube expands to the size of a large wheel barrel). Great for filling raised garden beds, larger potted projects, filling large yard holes, or hydroponics and aquaponics!

Available Sizes

Products range in size from Seed-Starting Pellets to compacted bricks and wafers to large 1,000 pound Super Sacks. Wonder Soil has various formulations and pellet sizes that can be expanded directly in pots or can be applied through standard spreaders for larger applications. Wonder Soil is easy to use for anyone from kids, hobbyists, advanced gardeners to professional golf course superintendents, landscapers, farmers and greenhouse growers. We have the right products available for retailers, dealers and professionals - all with the same great service and technical support that you are used to from Green Earth Ag and Turf!

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