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Organic Chilean Nitrate of Soda Prilled

Organic Nitrate of Soda is entirely natural and is the only non-synthetic mineral source of nitrogen, originating from the Caliche ore from Northern Chile. It contains 16% of Nitrate Nitrogen. The extremely dry climate in Northern Chile allows for the concentration of nitrate originating from air and sea. It is a testimony of one of the important links in the natural nitrogen cycle. By providing nitrogen that is available during critical plant growing stages and adverse weather conditions, nitrate of soda (Chilean Nitrate) improves the nutritional quality of crops by increasing protein, albumin, amino acids, vitamin B, and micronutrient content. Nitrate of Soda also contains iodine and selenium, essential elements for human health.

Chilean Nitrate of Soda Benefits:

• Available in a dry, flowable prill form.
• 100% water-soluble if liquid applications are desired.
• OMRI listed.
• Made from natural rock deposits found in the Atacama Desert in Chile.

Prilled Chilean Nitrate of Soda is an easy and organic way to build soil nitrogen levels when necessary and increase turf, tree and plant growth.

General Treatment of Plants, Trees and Turf:

Natural Nitrate of Soda prills are soluble, but may take a while to fully dissolve. Mix in a separate container with warm water and mechanical agitation. DO NOT add prills directly to spray tanks!


• Nitrogen...........................................16% (Min)
• Chlorine..............................................1% (Max)


• Sodium Nitrate (Chilean Nitrate of Soda).

Available Sizes

 • 50 Pound Bags.
* Due to Hazmat restrictions, Nitrate of Soda cannot ship via Parcel (UPS, FedEx or USPS) at this time. All order for nitrate of soda must be delivered on a pallet.