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Granulated Vermi-Humus High Biology Soil Amendment

Finesse GVH (Granulated Vermi-Humus) is a premium high-biology soil supplement derived from homogenously mixing and granulating earthworm compost, raw Leonardite humates, and soluble humates. There is no other product on the market that can compare in the ability of GVH to transform soil in such a short period of time. Mechanical aeration is simply a band-aid solution that does not address the underlying cause of poor soil structure, which is a lack of soil biology. Finesse GVH can be used, along with Quantum Growth controlled soil inoculant, as a "coreless aeration" material - providing better results with less effort, time and labor costs.
If you have lifeless or compacted soil, Finesse GVH may be part of the answer.  Simply spread and watch the earthworms and biology begin to rejuvenate the soil structure quickly and naturally.

GVH Benefits:

• Enhances soil biological levels naturally.
• Relieves soil compaction naturally without mechanical aeration (coreless aeration).
• Homogeneously blended and granulated.

GVH is an easy and natural way to build soil structure and lower compaction though "coreless aeration".

General Treatment of Plants, Trees and Turf:

• Use GVH at a general rate of 10-20 lbs of product per 1,000 square feet for turf, landscape bedding or in agriculture. Use at least 2 times per year
• For potting mixes, incorporate 30-50 lbs of GVH per cubic yard of potting mix.
• For container plants, sprinkle GVH lightly over the top of the soil and gently work into the top of the potting mix.


• Natural Worm Casting Compost.
• TeraVita L-85 Raw Leonardite.
• TeraVita Soluble Humate.

Available Sizes

• 20 Pound Bags.
• 40 Pound Bags.
Significant pallet discounts available (40x of 50 lb. bags).
*Free shipping on pallets. Additional charges may apply for lift gate service or residential delivery.