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Avenger Organics™ Natural Bug & Insect Killer is 100% Natural and is proven to eliminate bugs without the harsh pesticides found in many traditional treatment methods. Easy to use, it works on ants (including fire ants), mites, roaches, flies, spiders, wasps, hornets, bees, earwigs, mosquitoes, moths, and other flying insects. After spending years of research on safe treatments for bugs and insects, we have developed an exclusive formula not found in any other product. Avenger Organics™ Natural Bug & Insect Killer contains only 100% EPA exempt ingredients. Highly effective, environmentally safe indoor/outdoor insecticide using nature’s own botanically-derived, organic insecticide.

Bug & Insect Killer Benefits

• Made from natural extracts.
• 100% EPA exempt ingredients - 25(b).
• Kills Adults, Larva & Eggs.
• Child & Pet Safe.
• Long lasting repellency.
• Safe for indoor and outdoor use.
• Smells great!
• Made in the USA.

Active Ingredients

Peppermint Oil and Orange Oil.

Available Sizes

• 24 Ounce Ready-To-Use
• 1 Gallon Ready-To-Use

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Note: To avoid killing our precious bees, butterflies and other beneficial insects, avoid directly spraying them with this product or any non-specific insecticide, organic or not!