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Beneficial Nematodes
Natural Insect Control

Nematodes are found every where in nature. They are ground dwelling microscopic round worms. Many types of nematodes occur in nature; most are beneficial. Typically, the naturally occurring beneficial nematodes in soil are at populations that are too low to effectively control pests. These numbers can be increased by treating affected areas with beneficial nematodes. The nematode species available through Green Earth Ag and Turf actively search out, infect and kill insect larvae, providing you with an all-natural and effective form of pest control. Unlike many of the chemical agents used to control pests, beneficial nematodes are safe for people, plants, pets, animals and the environment.

Beneficial nematodes are effective against a wide host of pest insects and are safer for people, plants, animals and the environment than chemical alternatives. Pests will not develop resistance to these natural predators.

How Beneficial Nematodes Work (Mode of Action)

Beneficial nematodes provide a safe, effective control of fungus gnats and Western Flower Thrips. A single application containing the beneficial nematode Steinernema feltiae is sufficient for preventing fungus gnat outbreaks or control in the beginning phase of an outbreak. It is also a valuable tool in thrip control to help disrupt the portion of the life cycle that occurs in the growing medium, which will decrease the adult population. This assures that your greenhouse crops have the most vigorous root system possible. It is safe and easy to use on all crops at any growth stage.

Labeled for the Following Insect Pests:

• Fungus Gnats
• Western Flower Thrips

General Treatment

Packages contains either 250 million, 500 million or 2 billion nematodes. The general application rate is 100 million per 1,000-3,000 square feet, depending on infection level. The nematodes should be applied when pest insects are present, but at low population density. For optimal results, apply to moist soil media with temperatures between 55°F and 86°F (optimum is 74°F). Nematodes are susceptible to UV light, apply on cloudy days or late in the afternoon or evening. Nematodes can be stored in the refrigerator until the expiration date on the package. Do not freeze.

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Available Sizes

• 250 Million Nematodes (Covers 7,500 Square Feet or 1/6 Acre)
• 500 Million Nematodes (Covers 15,000 Square Feet or 1/3 Acre)
• 2 Billion Nematodes (Covers 1 1/3 Acres)